Our Writing Room
Workshop en collaboration avec Philippe Hallais
invité par The Community à Bonington Gallery, Nottingham.

25-28 mars 2018

finissage avec Cyrus, Philippe Hallais (live produit avec les voix et sons enregistrés pendant le workshop) et Nkisi (live)

les tables utilisées pour le workshop ont étés produites par Laetitia Badaut Haussmann et les participant.e.s de son atelier à Bonington.

if you receive this email, it's because you registered for Our Writing Room, a workshop with Ethan Assouline and Philippe Hallais.
Here's more details about the workshop :

For 4 days we are going to work together on the notion of patronising, contempt of the youth, paternalism in administrational and institutional relationships, infantilisation, lack of respect... and way more.

The aim here is to explore the idea of a political and critical thinking based on the encounter of different forms of writings (social analysis, experiences report, testimony, fiction, personal or collective writing exercises, poetry, theatre, screenplay...) but also readings of conceptually linked texts, production of images, flyer...

During the whole workshop, the musician Phillipe Hallais will record everything. On the last night of the workshop he will present a live performance in using what he recorded as the main musical material.

The workshop will take place at Bonington Gallery, inside the exhibition The Community Live in Nottingham curated by the Parisian collective The Community.

The group will work inside an in situ architectural installation that will evolve during the workshop."

Our Writing Room - Affirmations from ethanass on Vimeo.